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5 Reasons to Hire a Local Painting Contractor for Your Home

Do you feel like your home needs a change of scenery? Are you thinking about tackling a painting project, but aren’t sure where to start? Painting the entire inside or outside of your home can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to complete. It’s no surprise that many people turn to professional painting contractors for help.

While factors like budget, timeline, and quality of work can come into play, one of the first choices to make is whether you should hire a local painting contractor or an out-of-town one. We make the argument that hiring a local painting contractor can have many benefits and have listed the top five reasons why you should contact one for your next home painting project.

Quality of Services

Working with a local painting contractor yields several benefits when it comes to the quality of service you will receive. Licensed and certified painters have knowledge of techniques, materials, and tools that make them stand out from DIY methods. With access to industry-leading techniques, they are able to provide superior results in comparison to working on a project yourself.

The individualized attention and care received for the job provide customers with precise standards for execution. Local painters understand the unique needs and wants of a consumer, ensuring optimal satisfaction is always reached. Furthermore, contractors possess an in-depth understanding of safety rules and regulations that help protect both the customer and their staff during the service process.

interior house painterImportantly though, hiring a painting contractor does come at a cost. DIY solutions can be more economical if conducted as planned; however, there is no guarantee that results will meet expectations due to a lack of professional experience. The next section will discuss experienced contractors and painters who are looking to bring value past just the economics.

Cost of the Job

When it comes to cost, choosing a local painting contractor can often offer you the best value. Since local contractors are familiar with local prices and regulations, they can provide more accurate estimates that fit your budget. They may also be able to arrange deals with local suppliers which could translate into lower material costs for you. On the other hand, hiring larger out-of-town companies might not always save you money in regard to cost. Depending on the size of the project, some larger companies may require minimum orders and in turn, large deposits that add additional costs to your budget.

In addition to material costs, labor may also be a factor when comparing competitive bids from different providers. Local contractors may have less overhead expenses when it comes to their operational requirements that impact their bottom line. This can usually translate into less expensive labor costs compared to those of larger firms which typically pay much higher wages.

Ultimately, whether it’s competitive pricing or lower operating expenses that allow them to offer better rates, ensuring your project is done at an affordable price is one reason why you should consider hiring a local painting contractor for your home.

Reliability and Value

Reliability and value should be important considerations when deciding whether to hire a local painting contractor for your home. Professional contractors may provide you with an estimate for the cost of the job and make sure that the quality of the job meets your standards. Furthermore, they will take responsibility for any problems or accidents that occur during the job. In contrast, hiring an unprofessional contractor may save money upfront, but could leave you with a poorly done paint job and unreliable service.

Additionally, professional contractors often give a warranty on their work. This contract will include provisions for how long the work will last and what steps you can take if it doesn’t meet your expectations. An experienced painter will also be willing to negotiate on cost if something unexpected needs to be fixed down the line. This is especially beneficial when facing a large-scale painting project with many different elements involved.

The reliability and value offered by professional painting contractors can be advantageous when compared to unprofessional alternatives. Unfortunately, sometimes the cheaper option leaves homeowners feeling burned in retrospect. Investing in experienced local painters allows homeowners to make an informed decision that results in fewer headaches down the road and more cost-effective beauty in their property.

Finally, workmanship and results are two key elements that contribute to successful painting projects.

Craftsmanship and Results

Exterior Painting Contractor in Covington

It’s no secret that if you hire a painting contractor, you want to be sure of the end result – a beautiful finish that will last for years. When hiring a local painting contractor, you can rest assured that their craftsmanship and results will leave you more than satisfied.

A local contractor has likely been working in your area for many years and is personally invested in delivering top-notch results and building relationships in their community. Reputable local contractors have a reputation to uphold, so they are often more willing to go the extra mile to exceed customers’ expectations. A local specialist will also be familiar with all the subtle nuances of painting in an area that may affect how they do their work such as different types of weathering or regional tendencies when it comes to certain styles and color schemes.

Above all else, quality results matter most when it comes to choosing a painting contractor; take the time necessary to find a reputable local professional who puts quality at the center of everything they do. With attention paid to such details, you can trust that you’ll end up with excellent craftsmanship and results on your next painting project.

  • According to research, local painting contractors typically charge around 15% less for labor and approximately 3% less for materials than larger, out-of-town companies.
  • Local painting contractors often have relationships with local suppliers, which can lead to timely deliveries and cost savings.
  • Hiring a local painting contractor contributes to the economy locally, by supporting area businesses and creating jobs.

Attention to Detail

worker painting house

Taking the time to pay attention to detail is critical when it comes to painting a home. A professional local painting contractor, with their knowledge and experience in house painting, will be able to complete the job in an efficient manner while ensuring that no details are missed.

They understand how important those small details are to not just enhance the look of a project, but also for the protection of your home. By having their eye on the quality of each application of paint, they can prevent errors like poor coverage, shoddy prep work, poor application technique or uneven amounts of paint being applied.

Attention to detail is paramount when hiring a painting contractor for your home—not just for aesthetic reasons but also for preventive maintenance as well. Choosing the right contractor should be your next step in making sure you and your family enjoy a beautiful space for many years to come.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Painter

When considering any home improvement project, a homeowner has to think about the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a local contractor. Hiring a local painter for painting projects can bring numerous advantages and benefits such as their knowledge of the area and its environmental elements, convenience in terms of scheduling and location, and personal relationship development with a contractor.

  • Knowledge of the Area

A local painting contractor is very familiar with the climate and building codes in your locality. Weather conditions may wreak havoc on surfaces that have not been prepped properly, so a local painter will know how to take these factors into consideration before starting the project. Building code enforcement can be different from place to place; having a contractor on-site who knows those codes will help ensure that the project is completed to the highest standard with no issues later.

  • Convenience

With time being such a precious commodity these days, it makes sense that many homeowners would prefer hiring someone in proximity to complete a quick project rather than having to wait weeks or months for out-of-town service providers. Hiring a local painter allows you to plan around their availability while also knowing they’ll arrive on time—no long drive times!

  • Personal Relationship

When you choose to hire a local painter, you’re much more likely to build deeper relationships than you are with offsite contractors who come in and leave without any engagement. Here, you have the opportunity to discuss the details of your project more intently and potentially create working partnerships which move forward with mutual trust.

Though there are plenty of benefits to hiring a local painting contractor for your home, it is important to take into account some other considerations such as cost. Local painters will charge you based on labor and materials required for the job rather than utilizing flat rate pricing which could make them cheaper than big box painters who estimate upfront. While convenience might be worth it if you need something done quickly, consider if getting cheaper rates from non-local contractors would better suit your budget over time.

When debating whether to hire a local painter versus an offsite one, weigh all the pros and cons to ultimately make an informed decision. Ultimately though, you’ll find lots of advantages when selecting your local professional which can help make sure that your job remains both reliable and great value for money.


When deciding whether to hire a trusted local painting contractor like Big Easy Painting for your home, there are many benefits to consider. From increased convenience and accountability to more localized options and lower costs, local painting contractors often provide an experience that overall exceeds the cost of hiring a large chain painter. Additionally, you have the opportunity to support your local economy by doing business with a reputable professional who is familiar with local regulations and practices.

However, while hiring a local painting contractor can come with some tangible benefits such as those listed above, it’s important to remember that there are also certain drawbacks that must be weighed. You may not necessarily find the same variety of services or competitive prices as with working a larger chain business. In addition, you may not have access to the same warranty protections and customer service resources if something were to go wrong during the project.

Ultimately, it’s up to you as a homeowner to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a large painting company versus a local contractor – assess what’s important for your project, budget, timeline, and other needs and select the service provider that best meets those standards. Contact us today for more information!

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