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Hospital Painting Services, New Orleans: Premium and Affordable Choice

A commercial health care facility like a hospital needs fresh and clean paint to inspire better patient health and well-being. We are leading painting contractors in New Orleans committed to hospital painting services that will enhance the environment in which health care and healing occur.

Painting is a low-cost option for revitalizing a hospital to improve the health and well-being of staff and patients. We have a team of professional painters dedicated to helping maintain a high level of hygiene by applying top-quality paint that can withstand rigorous cleaning regimes.

Big Easy Painting use only premium paints that are low-VOC and zero-VOC, making them safe for patients, staff, and visitors. These eco-friendly paints are also easier to clean and maintain, ensuring a fresh and inviting hospital environment at all times.

For a free consultation and quote, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you create a healthier and more vibrant hospital environment.

Commercial Hospital Painting Service Types

Our hospital painting services are part of our professional commercial painting services in New Orleans. We have specialists who handle hospital paint that complies with the high standards of the industry.

Our crew and contractors learn through experience and from various levels of training. Commercial painting can never be better with the best hospital painting services in New Orleans.

Types of Painting Services For Health Care Facilities Offered by Big Easy Painting

The different types of commercial interior and exterior hospital painting services that we offer include:

  1. Anti-microbial painting
  2. Non-slip surface painting
  3. Epoxy flooring for operating rooms, hospital cafeteria, and restrooms
  4. Painting rooms, reception areas, toilets, staff quarters, canteen, and doctors’ offices
  5. Weekend and holiday painting
  6. Painting Drywall and Plaster Walls and ceilings
  7. VOC and Green Painting painting techniques
  8. Drywall and plaster repair
  9. Decorative Faux finishing
  10. Wall covering removal and installation
  11. Hospital floor finishes
  12. Stain and refinish the paint on woodwork, steel, and any other material
  13. Structural steel painting for steel elements
  14. Eco-friendly epoxy coatings
  15. Hospital floor and wall safety markings
  16. Parking lot services
  17. Painting signages for hospital facilities

We have done work for both private and public hospitals. Our team of highly-skilled painters and decorators always delivers on their promises of excellent workmanship and customer service.

Hospital Painting Service Cost

The cost of hospital painting services will depend on the size of the project and the number of painters required. The factors that would contribute to the total cost of commercial hospital painting services include:

  • Repairs that need to be done before painting
  • The need for complex painting work needs the use of special tools
  • Flexible painting work schedule like doing painting work outside of the regular business hours.
  • The need for extra masking and other extensive prep work
  • Higher quality paint
  • The total area that needs to be painted
  • Labor costs
  • Amount of paint to be used

Our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and reliability make us your go-to painting contractor in New Orleans.

We offer quality commercial hospital painting services at a fair price. Though the cost of our services varies depending on the season and market changes, we guarantee that you get painting work done that is worth your money.

Why Use a Hospital Painting Service in New Orleans?

As trained and knowledgeable painters in a top painting company, led by expert painting contractors, we understand how important it is to consider the most critical factors in painting a hospital which include:

  • The best paint product to use in high-traffic areas and wards
  • Low-odor quality
  • Washability
  • Easiness to clean

We apply the best quality paint products to make sure that we deliver the only excellent hospital painting work. Our hospital painting projects will not be complete with specialist hygienic coatings that are highly elastomeric and has components that will make your hospital surfaces free from harmful microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Here are other benefits you will enjoy when you work with our expert and professional hospital painters:

  • A site visit to thoroughly assess the exact painting services for your hospital.
  • Client-centered painting work involves discussing with you the requirements of your hospital to be painted.
  • Using the most appropriate color and paint products to help achieve the purpose of the painting job. We help you provide the most comfortable setting where your patients will not feel stressed.
  • We use paints that have zero VOC (volatile organic compound) which positively impacts air quality.
  • Our painters will offer technical support on paint color and specification to achieve the type of hospital environment that you desire for your patients, especially supporting patient recovery goals even during the painting process like:
    • Minimal disruption to the staff and all other workers in your hospital.
    • Creating safe work areas with proper warning signs and barricades.
    • Ensuring safe access and egress throughout the whole painting process.
    • Supporting the daily functioning in your hospital or health care facility with flexible working hours.
    • Applying the best quality and most appropriate coatings for your hospital environment.

We offer the best commercial painting services in New Orleans with top-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We help bring back life to hospitals in New Orleans and any type of facility that caters to the health industry.

What Paint Services Do We Offer?

We deliver reliable commercial hospital painting services wherever you are in New Orleans. Our painters work to maintain a high compliance standard for hygiene. We always ensure that our work in your hospital is clean, hygienic, and safe.

To directly meet your needs for a commercial hospital painting project, we provide both deep cleaning and disinfection prior to any painting service. We apply top-quality hygienic coatings.

  • Interior and Exterior Painting & Maintenance

    We offer all types of commercial interior and exterior hospital painting jobs including proper maintenance so that your surface will remain clean and hygienic for years to come.

  • Wallpaper

    Our commercial interior designers and painters can also apply wallpaper to your interior surface. We offer customer wallpaper installation and design.

Tips for Hiring Hospital Painting Services in New Orleans

As a trusted commercial painting company in New Orleans, you will get the best hospital painting service with a perfect finish that addresses the painting needs of your facility.

Our commercial hospital painting services are equipped with the following:

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Clean & Organized Work Environment
  • Safe Product Selection
  • Licensed and Insured

Contact Big Easy Painting’s Painters for Free Estimate

We are a dedicated team of specialists offering top-quality commercial hospital painting services that are done within your budget and at an agreed time. Our track record proves that we are committed to working at height and meeting all tight time schedules and complying with safety requirements.

We will work closely with you to deliver the right painting solution for your hospital premises that are guaranteed to provide optimal hygiene levels and cost-efficiency. Contact us today for a free estimate for your hospital painting needs.

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The crew from Big Easy Painting was professional, friendly and very customer focused. They did an excellent job on the pre-work which made me happy as well! I would recommend them for all your painting needs because you won’t be disappointed with their service.

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We are very happy with our kitchen renovation and can’t recommend Big Easy Painting enough. The team was attentive, professional, and reliable – everything you want in a contractor! The team also respected our schedule during painting the kitchen which made this project manageable and quite easy.

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Big Easy Painting did a super excellent job painting our New Orleans home. Their advice on paint type and quality were helpful, we had full trust in their work throughout the process, Very professional & easy to work with! Thank you!