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New Orleans Residential Deck Staining and Painting Services: We Restore Your Deck to Look Like New!

Improve your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic value. Upgrade the quality of your decks and patios with New Orleans’s finest professional deck staining and painting services. Your home’s deck is where most of your greatest family moments happen.

However, it’s also one of the easiest ways to sustain damage from several environmental factors, like:

  • Wind
  • Dust
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Sunshine

Your deck’s paint will quickly fade over time without regular maintenance. That’s why we recommend you stain and paint your deck every now and then.

However, we know that you’re no stranger to painting services that don’t really care about your deck and even make things harder when you work with them. We are not those services.

At Big Easy Painting, we ensure that your deck looks as good as new while providing professional, polite, and top-notch service in New Orleans. Extend your deck’s lifespan with painting and staining services today. Schedule a discussion with our team now!

Our Deck Staining and Painting Process

Deck Painting

Deck painting isn’t a walk in the park. And we take this process seriously to ensure that all our clients are happy. We train our painting service professionals to follow our proven process of providing painting services in New Orleans.

Here’s our step-by-step process for painting your deck to perfection:


Unlike most painting services in New Orleans, we’ll first consult with you on your budget and overall plans for your deck. Based on this information, we’ll also assess your deck for its current state and plan the best course of action.

Before we start doing the work, we’ll also consult your preferences for the project, like color, staining, and more.


The next step is to prepare our materials based on your project brief. Our professional painters are equipped with the highest-grade equipment available.

Project preparation includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Restoration

Preparation is a necessary part of the process to ensure that your deck’s surface is ready to receive the coating. We’ll have to blast away any particles such as dirt, loose paint, and stain before proceeding to the next step of the process.


We ensure that your painting sticks firmly to the surface, improving its durability.

We prime your deck’s surface first before we apply paint to it to provide better adhesion and an added layer of protection for your deck surface.

Painting or Staining Application

After prepping and priming your deck, we’ll now be painting them. We also provide staining as part of our service for a better and more peel-resistant deck surface.

Quality Inspection

We are committed to ensuring that your deck looks the best it could be after painting and staining them. Our professional services always include a quality check-up that ensures your paint is expertly applied in all corners of the project.

If the project doesn’t meet our agreed-upon specifications, we’ll do the extra work to meet them.

Deck Color Ideas

Deck House PaintingWonder what color your deck paint should be? We’ll help you out since we know this can be a crucial decision for you.

Whether for remodeling or renovating your home, choosing your paint plays a crucial role in making a great impression on your buyers if you’re planning on a future sale.

Our years of painting experience helped many homeowners make this decision and be happy with their choices. Here are our top picks for your next deck color:

Driftwood Gray

Gray paint is a popular choice, especially for those who want a minimal look while keeping dirt at bay.

With its dark shade, driftwood gray is an excellent paint color choice for hiding blemishes caused by several environmental factors.


This paint color is great at blending your deck with the outdoor feel of your surroundings. This paint is best used when surrounded by lush green grass and trees.


Walnut paint is a mixture of dark and light browns, which is great for brightening your backyard. We have staining and paint available that can be a good choice for your next deck color.

Alligator Green

This paint color is a better choice for your deck since it provides visual interest. If you want to stand out, why not try this paint?

Why Re-Stain Your Deck?

Deck Stain Painting

There are two main reasons why you should be staining your deck:

Firstly, your deck is constantly exposed to the elements, such as sunlight and the changing weather.

As a result, your deck will become weaker over time and show cracks. Staining extends the lifespan of your deck if periodically applied.

Another reason you should stain your deck is foot traffic. Stained decks are protected from particles and dirt that typically come with people’s shoes.

When To Re-Stain Your Deck

Deck stains last for three to four years. If you want to prolong their protection, you can apply another coat after a couple of years.

However, we strongly advise against applying too many stain coats on your wood. Instead, you remove the stain and apply two fresh coats after four years.

Related Fence and Deck Painting Services

We’re not only in the business of painting your decks. As an added value, we’re also offering the following services to preserve their beauty and quality:

Deck Restoration

Some decks just can’t be fixed with painting or staining.

That’s why we also deal with your deck’s protruding nails and broken boards before we start painting them.

Pressure Cleaning

Blast off any particles from your deck with our professional pressure cleaning service.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

The typical cost for having your deck painted or stained is around $2–$5 per square foot.

However, this estimate can change depending on the specifications and difficulty of the service, considering other factors such as:

  • Environment
  • Your deck’s current state
  • Deck material

Contact our team now so we can schedule a more accurate estimate and conduct an in-person consultation for the project.

How Long Does Staining and Painting Deck Take?

We guarantee to complete the project within the day that we start it. However, we recommend that you walk on your deck for 4 to 5 hours after painting and staining them. Furthermore, we recommend placing your furniture and plants on your deck at least a week after painting and staining your deck.

Our Other Services Offered

Big Easy Painting is a full-service professional painting contractor that can handle all your painting needs.

Our other residential services include:

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What Our Clients Say

Selena Fleming

The next time you need painting done, call Big Easy Painting. They know everything there is to about paint and will make sure that your job meets their high standards! The crew members are skilled; they take care of all my needs from start to finish with quick turnaround times on proposals too. Highly recommend!

David Butler

The crew from Big Easy Painting was professional, friendly and very customer focused. They did an excellent job on the pre-work which made me happy as well! I would recommend them for all your painting needs because you won’t be disappointed with their service.

Erick Davidson

They created a beautiful exterior for our home. They were always professional and quick with any updates we needed, which made the process much easier! We would highly recommend this company if you’re looking to paint your residential property.

Chris Horton

From start to finish, the team was a pleasure to work with. They painted several rooms in my new home for me. It was a pleasure working with such professional, dependable, and conscientious people. My home looks great and the quality of work is excellent. If I need painting services in the future, I will definitely use them again!

Stella Hall

We are very happy with our kitchen renovation and can’t recommend Big Easy Painting enough. The team was attentive, professional, and reliable – everything you want in a contractor! The team also respected our schedule during painting the kitchen which made this project manageable and quite easy.

Emma Howard

Big Easy Painting did a super excellent job painting our New Orleans home. Their advice on paint type and quality were helpful, we had full trust in their work throughout the process, Very professional & easy to work with! Thank you!