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Are you getting more foot traffic in your gym? That’s definitely a good thing for business! Like most commercial buildings, however – higher foot traffic means faster wear and tear in the gym.

We’re not just talking about the equipment but the walls, flooring, showers, cabinets, and all other parts of the gym. While you can’t buy brand new equipment every time – there are ways you can boost your gym’s look without expending too much money!

Big Easy Paintings‘ service guarantees you’ll be reviving the look and feel of your gym to create a motivational feel that keeps your customers coming back for more. The goal is to create an environment that’s perpetually young, fresh, clean, and encouraging.

Our Gym Painting Services:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Locker Rooms Painting
  • Restrooms Painting
  • Coatings for Epoxy Floorings

Our commercial services can extend to the painting of the parking garage for the gym or other attachments to the building. We’re happy to talk with you about different parts of the commercial building that you think can benefit from a fresh coat of paint!

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Gym or Fitness Center

After deciding on gym painting services, the next step is to figure out exactly what color you’d be putting on the surface. Note that your chosen color would dictate the mood of the people inside it. You want to get a painting contractor who understands the value of color in setting a mood – and can extend help with your choice. You can choose from our pre-selected color schemes or you can send us your own.

Top Colors for Commercial Gym and Fitness Centers

  • Gym Painting Services in New Orleans From Big Easy PaintingGreen Shade – choosing a green fitness center painting shade is ideal if you’re aiming for a fresh and environmental appeal. This is excellent if you want to create the feel of the outdoors for your clients so they can feel motivated and relaxed every time they look at the wall. Green has been proven to help relax the eyes and can quickly brighten up the mood thanks to how closely it resembles nature.
  • Red – red is an aggressive shade that pushes people to make the most out of each workout. This color just screams raw power and motivation which is perfect for gyms. You might want to mix this color with a bit of white to mellow down the shade and create a more relaxing atmosphere
  • Blue – blue is the color of trust and relaxation. It’s the kind of color you want to encourage for long gym visits where people focus on steady workouts.

Of course, you can ask our commercial painters to use different shades of paint for different sections of the gym. For example, you can put the green painting on the walls facing the treadmill or the stair climber so users can enjoy the ambiance of walking in nature.

Red colors can be placed in the weightlifting department while blue paint is used for the yoga section of the gym. This way, you can hit the right mood every time through color changes alone. Plus – this helps create a simple map of the gym so your visitors know exactly where to go during their visit.

Benefits of Painting Your Gym and Fitness Center

Painting your gym gives it a fresh and appealing look that helps boost your client’s mood and keeps them dedicated to the workout. There’s something about being surrounded by fresh colors and workout friends that keeps clients focused and dedicated to the goal.

The newness of the environment combined with being away from the usual temptations can turn the gym into a safe space for people aiming for health and weight loss. The mood-boosting effect of a fresh coat of paint is quickly linked to the satisfaction of a good workout. As a result – you get clients who visit the gym and come home satisfied and excited for their next visit!

Of course, there’s also the fact that a freshly painted gym gives the impression of care and cleanliness. Who wants to work out in a dirty gym? Done correctly – a freshly painted gym makes the space look upscale and well-cared for by its owners. This makes your clients feel comfortable and loved with equipment and surroundings that show a beautifully run gym.

How Much Does Gym Painting Service Cost?

Gym painting services depend primarily on your target size and the material you want to use for the paint. Cost can be anywhere from 20USD to 50USD per hour for basic paint.

Why Hire Local Painters?

New Orleans Gym Painting Services By Big Easy PaintingHiring local commercial painters will give you the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Local painters have unparalleled access to tools, materials, and labor to guarantee a finished job as promised.

Commercial painting services from a local business also makes it very easy to stay in contact with the workers and follow up on their job.

With local painting companies, the process is finished quickly so your gym jumps quickly into operations. We’ve made a commitment to the community as one of the few local painting contractors in the area and we take our job seriously.

Our Other Commercial Painting Services

As one of the lead providers of painting services in New Orleans, we here at Big Easy Painting have the privilege of working with different commercial properties within the area.

Our services include parking garage painting, pressure washes, interior business paintings, office paintings, and other commercial properties. Our facility painting warehouse offers a wide array of selections of paint and colors to match your ultimate vision for your business.

Why You Should Trust Big Easy Painting as Your Local Contractors

With years of experience in commercial paintings and coatings, the quality of our job speaks for itself! We employ local experts that have gone through proper training to guarantee quality results at reasonable costs.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet – feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer any question you might have about our professional painters! We’d be happy to talk you through our process and show you our previous work so you’d know exactly what to expect with us as your painting contractor for your project needs.

What Our Clients Say

Selena Fleming

The next time you need painting done, call Big Easy Painting. They know everything there is to about paint and will make sure that your job meets their high standards! The crew members are skilled; they take care of all my needs from start to finish with quick turnaround times on proposals too. Highly recommend!

David Butler

The crew from Big Easy Painting was professional, friendly and very customer focused. They did an excellent job on the pre-work which made me happy as well! I would recommend them for all your painting needs because you won’t be disappointed with their service.

Erick Davidson

They created a beautiful exterior for our home. They were always professional and quick with any updates we needed, which made the process much easier! We would highly recommend this company if you’re looking to paint your residential property.

Chris Horton

From start to finish, the team was a pleasure to work with. They painted several rooms in my new home for me. It was a pleasure working with such professional, dependable, and conscientious people. My home looks great and the quality of work is excellent. If I need painting services in the future, I will definitely use them again!

Stella Hall

We are very happy with our kitchen renovation and can’t recommend Big Easy Painting enough. The team was attentive, professional, and reliable – everything you want in a contractor! The team also respected our schedule during painting the kitchen which made this project manageable and quite easy.

Emma Howard

Big Easy Painting did a super excellent job painting our New Orleans home. Their advice on paint type and quality were helpful, we had full trust in their work throughout the process, Very professional & easy to work with! Thank you!