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The Most Vibrant and Beautiful Exterior Paint Colors Available For Your New Orleans, Louisiana Home

Are you considering painting the exterior of your home, but unsure what kind of paint to use? Then this article is for you.

Painting the exterior of your house is a daunting task that can be intimidating if you don’t know what steps to take. We often assume that all exterior paints are made equal, but depending on the material and quality level of your home’s external surfaces, different types of paint may be required.

Understanding what type or combination of paint works best for maintaining a finished look while keeping in mind longevity and protection from the elements is extremely important. We will cover the different types of paint available, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right one for your individual needs when updating the look and feel of your home’s exterior. Choose from Big Easy Painting‘s large selection of colors today!

Best Types Of Exterior Paint for Your New Orleans Home

The best type of exterior paint when painting your home in New Orleans depends on the material, location, and climate.

Acrylic latex paint

Acrylic latex paint is the best choice for painting your New Orleans home due to its excellent adhesion capacity and water resistance. As a result, it will endure the hot and humid climate of New Orleans without flaking or fading in color.

Alkyd or oil-based paints

Alkyd or oil-based paints are considered traditional paints and have been around for many years. They contain a combination of natural minerals, resins, and solvents dissolved in alcohol. These paints dry slower than water-based paints; however, once dried, they are very durable and create a thicker layer that is more resistant to cracking, peeling, fading, and dirt.

Elastomeric coatings

Elastomeric coatings are one of the best types of exterior paint for a New Orleans home. They provide superior adhesion and flexibility with the ability to remain waterproof and protect the home from damaging UV rays.

Vinyl/acrylic blend paints

Vinyl/acrylic blend paint is the best choice for exterior painting in New Orleans. These blend paints are highly durable and have excellent flexibility, which makes them ideal for withstanding the intense heat and humidity of a New Orleans summer.

Different Types of Exterior Paint Formulas in New Orleans

New Orleans has a humid and hot climate, making it essential to select the right exterior paint formula for your home.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint is one of the most popular types of exterior paint formulas in New Orleans, thanks to its durability and ability to resist moisture. The oil base makes it more flexible than other paint, which helps your house withstand wild swings in temperature.

Latex acrylic water-based paint

Latex acrylic water-based paint is one of the most popular exterior paint formulas in New Orleans. This type of paint is known for its durability and low-odor characteristics, making it a great choice for households with small children or pets.

Anti-fouling marine paint

Anti-fouling marine paint is one of the most popular options, as it is designed to protect surfaces from UV rays and saltwater corrosion.

Silicate mineral paint

Silicate mineral paint is an exterior paint formula commonly used in New Orleans. This type of paint is made from a combination of minerals and ceramic materials which gives it a particularly long-lasting and durable finish.

Different Types of Exterior Paint Finishes For Your Home

There are a variety of exterior paint finishes available for your home that can help protect the surface of your home and enhance its beauty.

Flat finish (Matte finish)

A flat finish, also known as a matte finish, is a type of exterior paint that produces a non-shiny, less reflective look. This finish can be used over a variety of substrates and is often the best choice for hiding small imperfections in the existing substrate.

Eggshell finish

The eggshell finish is an exterior paint that has a low to medium level of shine and a low sheen. Eggshell paints are great for those wanting a slightly glossy look that still looks inviting but may not attract the attention of passersby.

Satin finish

Satin finish exterior paint is a great choice for those looking for a soft, muted look with a low sheen. This type of paint works well in varying light levels and can hold up against fading from the sun and other environmental damages. It’s also resistant to mildew, dirt, and bubbling, which helps it last longer than other types of paint.

Gloss Finish

Gloss finish is one of the most popular types of exterior paint finishes for your home. It is highly durable and has a beautiful shine that will make your home stand out from the crowd. With gloss finish paint, you can get a wide range of colors to customize your house’s exterior. The shine adds a touch of elegance and can add value to your property.

Additionally, since it is water-resistant, it is ideal for areas prone to moisture like near pools or other water sources. When properly applied, glossy paints require less maintenance than other finishes and can last years in perfect condition.

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