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Choose The Best Paint Color For Your New Orleans, Louisiana Home’s Exterior

Are you planning to paint the exterior of your home in New Orleans? Are you unsure of which colors would be best for this project?

Painting a home is a big investment, often costing thousands of dollars. Exterior paint not only provides a protective seal for your home, but it also adds aesthetic value to it. With so many colors to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best color scheme for your exterior home painting project in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

Selecting the right colors for exterior home painting in New Orleans can be challenging and overwhelming. To help narrow down the options and get the best results, it helps to understand some essential factors that should influence your choice. Big Easy Painting will discuss how to pick the right colors for exterior home painting and provide tips on how to get started.

Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors in New Orleans

Exterior Home PaintingWhen choosing exterior paint colors in New Orleans, it is important to consider the look and feel of the region. Bright and bold colors, as well as muted earth tones and whites, are popular choices for New Orleans homes.

Consider your neighborhood when selecting paints, as you do not want to be too adventurous with a pastel yellow if all your neighbors have a classic deep green or navy blue.

While it is important to stand out from the crowd, make sure the colors that you choose ultimately create a unified aesthetic with the houses around you. If possible, speak to an experienced professional for advice, who could analyze various aspects such as sun exposure and building materials before making paint selections.

Different Paint Colors For The Exterior Of A New Orleans House

When it comes to painting the exterior of a house in New Orleans, there are many different paint colors you could choose. Depending on the architectural style and aesthetic of your home, you can go with something traditional such as white or beige, or make a bold statement with brighter colors like blues and yellows.


Painting the exterior white will accentuate the home’s existing features while still contrasting against the variety of greens that naturally dot the cityscape in nearby parks and swamplands.

Off White

Off-white is a great choice for the exterior of a home in New Orleans. The subtle and neutral shade works well with traditional architecture found throughout the city, while still adding to its charm and beauty.


Grey is an ideal color for the exterior of a New Orleans house, as it is timeless yet modern. The color grey reflects well in hot and humid climates like those in New Orleans, and it also stands up to intense UV radiation from the sun which can cause fading and discoloration on other paint colors.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is an excellent choice for the exterior of a New Orleans house. This color reflects the natural colors in the city and can complement the architecture and vibrant culture of New Orleans.

Light Yellow

It is common to see light yellow paint used on the exterior of houses in New Orleans. This cheerful hue complements the classic architectural style that is typical in this city. Light yellow paint gives a house a warm and inviting look, while still connecting with the local anesthetic.

Sage Green

Sage green is an excellent choice for adding curb appeal to a New Orleans home. The color is a light, muted green hue that blends in easily with the lush greenery of the city’s environment.

Coral Orange

The bright, cheerful color stands out from the rest of the homes in the area and creates an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Cerulean Blue

Cerulean blue is a fantastic choice of color for the exterior of a New Orleans house. It has a cool, bright tint that will make your house stand out and create an eye-catching effect. It also pairs well with other bold shades, allowing you to bring out the personality of your home

How To Choose An Exterior Paint For Your New Orleans, Louisiana Home

When picking out an exterior paint color for a home in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is important to think about the style of your home and neighborhood. It’s best to research the shades of traditional exterior paints used in the area and then use those colors as a starting point. Consider also any restrictions or requirements from local historic districts or homeowner associations.

Choose colors that are bold enough to stand out from neighboring homes, but subtle enough not to overpower them. It’s often best to stick with timeless classic colors such as beiges or light blues, greens, and grays which will help ensure your home stands the test of time – even in a place like New Orleans where styles might change quickly!

The Cost Of Exterior Painting in New Orleans, Louisiana

Exterior painting in New Orleans, Louisiana can be expensive depending on the size of the home and the type of paint being used. In general, it is best to use quality paints that are water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures as well as moisture from humid conditions.

Labor costs for exterior painting will vary depending on whether a homeowner hires a professional painter or does the job themselves. Typical charges for labor range from $30-$60 per hour plus additional costs for materials such as brushes and ladders. Additionally, if working with an experienced contractor prices may be slightly higher due to their expertise and professionalism.

The Most Trusted and Affordable New Orleans, Louisiana Exterior Paint From Big Easy Painting

Painting is an easy, affordable way to give a brand-new look to any home. Big Easy Painting can add personality and charm to your house and make it stand out from the rest. Plus, we are well aware of the unique climate in New Orleans and can help you select the best color that will hold up against rain or intense sun exposure.

With our carefully selected range of colors for painters in New Orleans, you can give your home an eye-catching look that will be admired by all who pass by. Whether you want something classic and timeless or something more contemporary and unique, we have plenty of options for you to choose from!

Don’t wait any longer – call us now and explore our selection of exterior painting colors for homes in New Orleans today! Feel confident in knowing that your house will look amazing no matter which paint color you choose.

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